New Zealand

Rawlinson & Hunter has established a trust company structure in New Zealand for the provision of trustee services.

Trusts can be administered in New Zealand or, where appropriate, arrangements can be made for certain administrative functions to be delegated to other Rawlinson & Hunter offices while retaining the overall responsibility and control of trustee decisions within the New Zealand trustee company.

New Zealand offers a favourable tax base for trusts with settlors and beneficiaries who are not New Zealand residents while being a member state of the OECD and party to an extensive network of tax treaties. It is a country with a highly developed trust law and legal infrastructure and may be particularly attractive to settlors wanting a Pacific base for their financial interests.

The New Zealand team has extensive experience working with New Zealand tax laws and have close relationships with local legal professionals who assist with international and local legal issues.

Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and providing comprehensive trustee, administrative and accounting services.

Office address:

New Zealand

R&H Trust Co. (NZ) Limited

166 Wicksteed Street

PO Box 4386

Whanganui 4541

New Zealand

T +64 (0)6 345 1166

F +64 (0)6 345 1167