Corporate advisory

Our experience in serving entrepreneurial clients, combined with our unique international network, has resulted in Rawlinson & Hunter developing specialisations in relation to a number of niche company types, these include:

University spin-out companies 

Like most intellectual property exploitation companies, UK university spin-out companies need to ensure that they are structured in a tax-efficient way. The UK government is increasingly focusing on innovation and as a result has made a plethora of support available through grant-funding bodies and the tax regime. We work to ensure that our clients can take advantage of the cashflow benefits presented by the Research and Development tax credit regime and the tax benefits of the UK Patent Box, where appropriate. Unlike many others who offer this service, we do not work on a contingent fee basis as we feel this impairs our objectivity and creates a conflict in delivering sound advice to our clients. We do however understand the cash flow constraints which these types of businesses are faced with and offer a range of discounted fees.

Further, we find that such companies are also in need of our experience in (i) remuneration planning for key executives (including the structuring of tax efficient share and share option incentives), (ii) capital taxes planning for founders and key stakeholders and (iii) advice and support around the investment cycle and the use of various investor reliefs which are available currently in the UK. . Not only can Rawlinson & Hunter UK advise on each of the above specialist matters but we also offer a very cost-effective outsourced solution for the financial, HR, IT and administration functions that an early stage company needs but can seldom afford on a full-time basis.

If you are looking for a firm that understands all of the issues, is fee sensitive and focused on helping you build a successful, scaleable and, ultimately, sellable business, please contact us.

Special purpose vehicles

Modern financing structures often result in the use of a combination of special purpose companies, partnerships and trusts. Rawlinson & Hunter’s international grouping is well placed to advise on the creation of such structures, as well as provide the necessary formation, administration, trustee, director and registered office services.

Shipping companies  

We arrange registration of all types of luxury yachts in a number of jurisdictions. Often the most effective and confidential vehicle is to establish a company that is recorded as the registered owner of the yacht. We can incorporate such companies in most offshore jurisdictions, especially those jurisdictions offering the advantage of an international ship registry operating as a British Port of Registry. We can also assist with:

  • Provision of Directors and Officers
  • Provision of a registered office
  • Accounting and statutory records

Yacht ownership should be a pleasure not an administrative burden. We can take care of administration on your behalf- from arranging insurance cover to crew payroll, yacht expenses, bunkering and monthly accounting.