VAT services

UK VAT legislation has become extremely complex and, with the ever increasing influence of European legislation, is constantly changing.

Almost every business transaction has a VAT effect, so keeping pace with the developments in VAT is essential if you are to avoid unnecessary errors that can lead to paying more VAT than necessary or underpaying VAT which can lead to significant penalties being imposed by HMRC. Therefore, active VAT planning is essential for any proposed transaction.

Rawlinson & Hunter provides advice on the most VAT efficient way to structure a transaction, be it an acquisition, a disposal, a reorganisation or a property deal. We will help you avoid the potential pitfalls and ensure the necessary steps are taken to minimise the VAT liability.

Areas in which we commonly assist clients are:

  • International transactions
  • Imports & exports
  • Works of art
  • Financial services
  • Aircraft and yachts
  • Land & Property
  • Setting up new ventures

Our aim is to provide commercially realistic advice and practical solutions to your VAT problems. We also encourage businesses to think about VAT planning as part of their overall corporate strategy.

Our services include:

  • VAT “Health Check” providing a review of your business, plus useful planning tips
  • Practical interpretation of new and existing VAT legislation
  • VAT planning for specific transaction
  • Full support during a VAT inspection
  • Negotiating and resolving disputes with HMRC