Matrimonial disputes

Our specialist matrimonial team undertakes:

• Tax and trust advice
• Valuation & expert witness services
• Assistance with asset scheduling, including Form E

Tax and Trust advice

Tax issues are often of fundamental importance in structuring a financial settlement on divorce.  This is particularly so when one or both of the parties is resident but not domiciled in the UK for tax purposes.

Our approach is to ensure pertinent tax issues are identified at the outset and not on the steps of the Court.  Our aim is to find solutions to tax problems which will prove robust in the face of potential HMRC challenge and which are tailored to the particular needs of our clients.

Valuation and expert witness services

Members of our team have acted as experts in relation to matrimonial proceedings of all sizes and routinely give evidence in Court.  They act both as independent or single joint experts and have experience in contentious and collaborative proceedings as well as in mediation cases.

Our valuation and forensic skills, when linked with our trust and international tax structuring expertise, are particularly effective in matrimonial proceedings with international or offshore dimensions.

Assistance with asset scheduling, including Form E

Compiling the necessary forms and supporting schedules in relation to a divorce can be a time consuming process and comes at a point when the parties to the divorce will inevitably be concentrating on other matters.

We can assist in collating information, carry out initial valuations of business assets and, if requested, assist in the completion of the necessary paperwork.