Stamp duty land tax

We provide expert advice and support to individuals and businesses purchasing residential property in England and Wales. We advise clients on the stamp duty liabilities that arise upon purchase, and how to mitigate these liabilities whilst ensuring full compliance with the tax rules.

For new clients, we specialise in critically examining their recent residential property purchases to establish whether they paid the correct amount of stamp duty under the four different charging regimes that apply to properties. Where we conclude that an incorrect amount was paid we then advise our clients on the actions that may be taken to remedy the position with HM Revenue & Customs, including securing the recovery of overpaid stamp duty within the short repayment window permitted by the law.

We do not promote nor advocate stamp duty avoidance schemes. Instead we seek to efficiently plan our clients’ property tax affairs by only utilising government approved statutory tax rules that are contained within the tax legislation, so that our clients only pay the tax intended by Parliament.

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