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  • Rawlinson & Hunter - International Accountants

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  • About R&H | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    ABOUT US Rawlinson & Hunter is an international grouping of professional firms and a leading provider of financial and taxation advice. The firm has undergone regular expansion since its formation in London in 1933. In meeting the international requirements of our clients, we now operate 12 offices worldwide in 10 locations and employ over 450 people. We pride ourselves on the commitment which we make to delivering a personalised service to all of our clients, whether as accountants, advisers, executors, trustees or directors. We believe that the international structure of Rawlinson & Hunter is unique, not just in the way that it operates but also in the extensive scope of the financial services which it provides. Our clients benefit from an organisation which encourages a close working relationship between client and partner and also one that gives immediate international access to trusted advisers of a consistently high quality across the grouping. Since its foundation in the UK, Rawlinson & Hunter has not only expanded its international presence but also the range of services which we provide to our clients, delivered with a depth of knowledge and experience of our clients’ circumstances which has sometimes developed over several generations. The United Kingdom, Australia, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland are geographically diverse financial centres where Rawlinson & Hunter has established experienced teams providing a high level client service over a broad range of service lines. Each location has been selected for the specific financial benefits which it can provide – these are described in more detail in the individual office fact sheets contained in this publication. We also have excellent relationships with leading lawyers, bankers and investment managers, both locally and in the world’s major financial centres, and we are able to work alongside them as a team when the client’s interests require it. Except for the office in Australia (where the concept doesn’t apply), each office has an established licensed trust company with officers who have many years of experience. This gives clients who choose to structure their financial affairs in this way peace of mind that their wealth is in safe hands for generations to come. Other international services, derived from the firm’s private client heritage, include fund administration, tax advice and compliance, accounting and corporate services together with other bespoke services, all supported, crucially, by a detailed knowledge of the local law and how it interacts with other jurisdictions. The international partners have worked closely together over a considerable number of years and share the common view that their clients must be given the best possible service. These shared values enable the offices to collaborate swiftly, efficiently and professionally, enabling, for example, three offices to work together to facilitate a UK client establishing a Singapore resident trust, governed by Jersey Law. Our objective is to provide a service that is consistently above and beyond normal professional standards. To our knowledge, no other grouping of our size combines such a wide-ranging and international resource with a genuinely personal level of service. Whether you come to Rawlinson & Hunter as an individual, a trustee or an international corporation, you will benefit from the same high standards and commitment provided by all of Rawlinson & Hunter’s partners and staff, wherever the office.

  • Accountancy | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    ACCOUNTANCY ‘Accountancy’ covers a whole suite of services which are provided by the International Firms. At the basic level, all of the offices provide bookkeeping and management accounts services to support clients’ businesses, family trusts and family offices. But beyond this essential service, there is much more that we can do for our clients. For individuals, corporates and trusts, we can offer specialist valuation services. These might be fair valuations of businesses or shares in unlisted companies, or valuations which have to be agreed with the tax authorities on the occurrence of a transaction. Whilst there are several recognised valuation methodologies for businesses in different sectors, the correct approach is likely also to be influenced by the size of the shareholding or business interest and the sector of operation. Valuing a business is not a precise science and it is necessary to consider each situation with an open mind in order to identify the relevant factors. Whatever the reason for the valuation, we recognise that the process can be a sensitive issue. We bring a commercial and cost-effective approach to these assignments, quickly considering our clients’ key issues and the appropriate valuation methodologies to apply in order to arrive at an independent valuation. Where the valuation is driven by tax, we will stand behind our conclusions and negotiate hard with the tax authority in our clients’ interests. Another area which we might get involved in is forensic accounting. The purpose might be to support a client in a tax enquiry, or to support a litigation case (we have acted as appointed experts in relation to matrimonial, tax and trust litigation). Or it might simply be that a client or family office wishes to ensure that proper records are maintained. Whatever the client’s requirement for accountancy services, this is an area of expertise for us and it is likely that the need can be met by all of the Rawlinson & Hunter International Firms. Australia Jersey Bermuda New Zealand British Virgin Islands Singapore Cayman Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Audit & Assurance | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    AUDIT & ASSURANCE Whilst audits are a statutory requirement in many of the jurisdictions in which we operate, in others they are not. We find many clients still request audits in those locations for a variety of reasons, such as to ensure that their affairs are correctly managed. Those clients often find that the local management’s knowledge of, and involvement in, the audit process often engenders stronger corporate governance and re-emphasises the importance of the entity’s controls. Where the expense of a full financial statement or systems audit cannot be readily justified, we also regularly undertake limited scope procedures focused on those areas of higher risk which we and our clients identify as benefiting from enhanced external scrutiny. ​ Rawlinson & Hunter has extensive experience of providing audit and assurance services to a wide range of companies and groups from many industries. Our clients range from start-up businesses to large listed international groups operating in sectors as diverse as entertainment, media, the arts, fund management, fashion and property investment. ​ ​Many would argue that an audit has its limitations and provides little real value prospectively. At Rawlinson & Hunter, we adopt a different approach and do not treat the audit merely as a statutory obligation. We strive to understand the way in which the business works and to help identify ways to improve it, with the aim of delivering some added value to the shareholders. We try to involve our client in the audit process and, like all of our services, our audits are Partner-led, ensuring that our clients benefit from our extensive business advisory experience. ​ The ​audit and assurance services which we provide can therefore deliver demonstrable insights and real cash savings to our clients. The recommendations which we make enable decision makers to take confident, informed decisions about their business, reduce risk and take advantage of any opportunities. Audit work in most jurisdictions is a regulated activity and can only be carried out by certain firms within the Rawlinson & Hunter International grouping of firms. Refer to Legal for further information regarding the Rawlinson & Hunter International Firms. ​ Tax Australia United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Trusts | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    TRUSTS Trusts frequently feature as an important part of a family’s inter-generational wealth and succession planning, for many diverse reasons. Fundamentally, they can be used to preserve capital and provide an income stream for current and future generations of a family. Administering a trust has considerable responsibilities associated with it. Some of these are compliance and reporting responsibilities such as the bookkeeping of transactions, the preparation of accounts for the trust, the preparation of trust tax returns, ensuring that entries on the trust register are properly updated and that any regulatory disclosures are made accurately and on a timely basis. Other requirements are less routine. Trustees need careful guidance in making decisions about trust assets and the trust fund itself, especially where they are required to exercise their discretion in making distributions of income and capital to beneficiaries, making loans etc. A professional understanding of trust law and trustee responsibilities is crucial. This is why we often act as trustee, either alone or alongside our clients, where trusts form part of their family succession planning. We prefer to do this through our trust corporations operated by our International Firms, since this offers flexibility and continuity (the problems and costs encountered when replacing or appointing a trustee on the retirement or death of an individual are avoided). Our Partners are experienced in dealing sensitively with the demands of a trustee’s role. They are used to dealing with the demands of multiple jurisdictions and the complex regulatory, tax and reporting requirements involved. They actively seek solutions tailored to ensure that, while the trust assets are preserved and can grow, the beneficiaries’ interests are maintained. They understand that full accountability and efficient administration are essential, coupled with an ability to deal sensitively with beneficiaries at every stage in life. Through collaboration between the London and overseas offices, we provide a joined up suite of services in relation to international trusts and companies where the client has a UK connection. This includes advising on the potential benefits of trust arrangements in the client’s specific circumstances, calculating and monitoring trust tax pools in order to ascertain the tax treatment of benefits received by beneficiaries, constructing investment guidelines and account structures for tax efficiency, liaising with tax professionals in other countries and advising on all UK tax reporting for the trustees, the settlor and the beneficiaries. Trusts are not appropriate for all international clients and we would only recommend them where they offer a solution. All trusts are different and great care is required to ensure that their terms meet the requirements of the clients and their families, and that the tax and succession consequences are fully considered. Australia Jersey Bermuda New Zealand British Virgin Islands Singapore Cayman Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Private Clients | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    PRIVATE CLIENTS All of the International Firms in Rawlinson & Hunter specialise in looking after the affairs of high net worth individuals and their families. Our offices probably contain a greater concentration of international private client expertise than any other firm, anywhere in the world. Our reputation as experts in this field has brought us family and corporate clients in every continent, almost entirely by personal recommendation. Many of our offices provide tax compliance services in their local jurisdictions, as well as providing sensible and bespoke tax advice on a range of issues. A lot of our clients have complex tax and regulatory reporting requirements and we support them at every stage. We have developed and expanded our suite of services to support our private clients and their families throughout their lives, as well as administering their wealth holding structures. In so doing, we pride ourselves on delivering a genuine partner-led service. Our partners are all specialists who lead the advice to our clients, supported by staff who are amongst the best in the profession. We aim to give clear and direct advice without ‘fence-sitting’. We are used to operating as part of a team of professionals and regularly collaborate with lawyers (in a range of disciplines and jurisdictions), investment managers, bankers and other advisers in a collegiate way in supporting our clients. Through this process, we have over time built up an extensive informal network of contacts, and where our clients require specialist support beyond our areas of operation, we usually have just the right person to refer them to. ​ We all understand here that we are never any better than our last piece of advice, and maintaining our standards is vital in maintaining our reputation. Australia Jersey Bermuda New Zealand British Virgin Islands Singapore Cayman Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Estates | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    ESTATES Estate planning demands a detailed appreciation of the circumstances of each client and the flexibility to respond to their wishes. The close relationship which we build up with our clients means that we can deal effectively with any sensitive family issues that arise. With our expertise in tax planning, we offer a compelling choice for clients seeking advice on having their wills drafted in a tax efficient manner. Our Partners are also experienced in acting as executors, alone or with family members or lawyers. We have all the necessary experience to deal with the administration of the estate, from the initial application for probate (the UK Firm is authorised by the ICAEW to conduct non-contentious probate work) to the final distribution. ​​Regular reviews of the estate and detailed illustrative calculations of potential liabilities keep our clients aware of opportunities available to them, while our international focus allows us to advise clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions. Frequent discussions with the client and the client’s family ensure that we are aware of their wishes as they develop and can act in their best interests. ​ For UK connected clients, the Inheritance Tax regime provides excellent opportunities to plan estates and protect family wealth through the use of lifetime gifts, trusts, family limited partnerships and careful consideration of wills. For international clients, there are many complex aspects which need consideration, including the scope of forced heirship and succession provisions which some countries adopt. For clients who are UK resident but foreign domiciled, there are opportunities to hold foreign assets through family trusts in a tax-efficient manner which puts them beyond the scope of Inheritance Tax. Our International Firms are experienced both in advising on such issues and administering wealth holding structures which are effective estate planning vehicles. Australia New Zealand Bermuda Singapore British Virgin Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Jersey Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Tax Advice | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    TAX ADVICE Our clients frequently need advice on tax matters. It is crucial that when there are events in clients’ lives, whether it is a corporate transaction, a change in family circumstances, a move from one country to another or some other situation, whether planned or unexpected, they have the right people with the right expertise to support them. We believe that the best way to provide our clients, both private clients and companies, with effective support is to act for them in relation to their tax reporting. This gives us an insight into what they are doing from year to year and a detailed understanding of their business and financial affairs. Most of our clients at some point need to call upon our expertise and our familiarity with their affairs to provide effective and timely tax advice. The knowledge gleaned from a relationship with our clients built over many years enables us to advise with authority when the need arises. Often, clients come to us in the first place because they are involved in a situation or a set of circumstances where specialist guidance is needed. Having concluded this initial project, clients then often remain with us for many years, taking advantage of both the tax reporting and advisory services which we can offer. Our approach to the giving of both personal and corporate tax advice is measured. We recognise that the tax legislation was enacted for a specific purpose, and in giving advice we consider carefully the reasoning behind the tax law which we seek to rely on. We avoid overly aggressive planning which, in our experience, is invariably challenged by the relevant tax authority and defeated in the Courts. We do not promote or advocate artificial tax schemes or marketed general planning solutions. Instead we seek to help plan our clients’ affairs for the long term, and minimise tax burdens as part of overall estate planning advice, to meet both current and future needs. Our international network of offices probably has a greater concentration of international private client expertise than any other firm. We provide expert taxation advice and support and work closely with tax specialists across many countries to ensure that cross-jurisdictional tax planning is carefully coordinated. We can help to plan your financial affairs efficiently, and to minimise liabilities to tax whilst ensuring full compliance with ever more complex tax obligations. Australia United Kingdom Jersey New Zealand Singapore Switzerland Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Our International Firms | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    OUR INTERNATIONAL FIRMS Our Member Firms’ offices are located in London, Australia (Sydney), Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland (both Geneva and Zurich). Each of our offices has a dedicated website. Please use the links below to visit them. TAX Australia Jersey Bermuda New Zealand British Virgin Islands Singapore Cayman Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about their services

  • Charities | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    CHARITIES Many of our clients are engaged in supporting charitable causes both in the UK and overseas. This activity nearly always involves generous financial support, where guidance on tax-effective giving is required. Some clients seek greater involvement, establishing their own charity or donor-advised fund and playing an active role in determining the causes and charities which derive benefit from the fund. Charitable giving always requires careful planning, wherever the donor lives. Many jurisdictions offer tax reliefs for donations to charities, and it is important that the reliefs available are utilised. Giving money to charity can be a complicated and expensive process requiring great care as to timing, amount and method of donation. For those wishing to establish their own charity, we have teams experienced in providing accounting and reporting services which are used to liaising with the charity regulatory authorities in their jurisdiction. On the practical front, the teams get involved in all aspects of administration of a charity. For instance, in addition to getting involved in budget and cash flow forecasting and ongoing monitoring of cash positions, we often operate bank accounts, raise cheques, deal with payment requests and provide a correspondence address so that we can deal with unsolicited applications for funding. We maintain accounting records, produce management accounts and undertake performance reviews. We also diarise and coordinate grant commitments, ensuring that they are approved and paid on a timely basis. We get involved with trustee meetings, preparing agendas, putting together meeting packs, attending meetings and preparing minutes. In the UK, we also have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of regulatory audit and independent examination requirements of charities and can deliver a wide range of related services to those involved in charitable giving both in the UK and around the world. Our expertise derived from servicing this wide range of clients has enabled us to build multi-skilled teams, the members of which understand the issues that matter to you. Australia United Kingdom Cayman Islands Guernsey Jersey New Zealand Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Our History | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    OUR HISTORY The Chartered Accountancy firm of Rawlinson & Hunter was established in London in 1933 during The Great Depression by Alfred Rawlinson and Robert Hunter. The Firm has flourished by continually updating and refreshing its services to meet the challenges of evolving tax, financial and regulatory laws, by focusing on niche markets, and by putting client service first and foremost in everything it does. After successfully navigating the challenges faced by the UK during the Second World War, including temporarily moving the Firm to rural Oxfordshire to escape The Blitz, Hunter journeyed to the US in 1945, and again in 1946 with Rawlinson, where they visited an old client living in Bermuda. This coincided with the first direct flights between the US and Bermuda and the introduction of a favourable tax system and tourist economy on the island. The visit ultimately led to the establishment of Rawlinson & Hunter’s first overseas office in Bermuda in the early 1960s by future UK senior partner Bob Spooner, as the Firm sought to support its UK clients with extensive tourism and hotel interests there. A chance encounter on an aeroplane between future UK senior partner Peter Hetherington and a Jersey accountant resulted in the foundation of the Firm’s Jersey office in 1972. This was at a time when many individuals were emigrating from the UK to Jersey to escape the all-time high UK income tax rate of 136% in the late 1960s, and 98% in the early 1970s. The Firm’s Jersey practice was established at a time when the island was growing rapidly as an international financial centre. The Guernsey office was established in 1980 to meet the needs of specific international clients of the Firm, taking advantage of Guernsey’s similarly thriving financial services industry. More than 40 years on, the Guernsey firm continues to grow. The Cayman Islands office was established in 1973, originally to complement the services offered to clients through the Bermuda office. This British Overseas Territory steadily developed to become a leading international financial centre in the region. Switzerland has always been the leading international financial centre in continental Europe, and during its early years Rawlinson & Hunter had served many Swiss-based corporate clients due to Robert Hunter’s frequent trips to the country. To support its Swiss-based clients, the Firm therefore opened an office in Geneva in 1982, and this was eventually followed by a Zürich office in 2011. The old Geneva office left the grouping in 2019 but the Firm is now once again operating in Geneva, having opened a new office there in 2021. By the 1980s, the British Virgin Islands had also developed into a leading international financial and tourism centre to fund its public services, and this led to Peter Hetherington and future Jersey senior partner, David Goar, establishing the Firm’s office on the islands in 1988 to supports clients engaged in business there. A year earlier, in 1987, the Firm opened a representative office in Sydney, Australia to support clients with business interests Down Under. This was carried out under the umbrella of a respected Australian firm, Boroughs, a similarly private client focused firm of Chartered Accountants established in 1945. A decade and a half later, in 2003, the Firm extended this model by opening a representative office on the other side of the Ditch in Whanganui, New Zealand. ​ By now Singapore had established itself as the leading international financial centre in Asia, and the Firm found itself with increasing numbers of clients with business interests in the country. To support these clients, the Firm opened its first Asian office in Singapore in 2013.

  • Outsourcing | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    OUTSOURCING Modern companies are learning that running their own finance function is not always the right option. The best finance departments demand a wide variety of skills and experience, from accounting and payroll professionals to tax specialists. Finding and keeping the right mix of professionals to ensure that your finance department runs smoothly is an expensive business. ​ Companies that outsource their finance function to Rawlinson & Hunter are able to concentrate on the key areas of their business, safe in the knowledge that key financial tasks are in the hands of trained professional staff, leaving them to concentrate on their core business. ​ We have many years of experience working with companies of all sizes, from sophisticated multi-national groups to embryonic owner managed businesses. We are able to receive, process and distribute information in electronic or paper form, allowing us to provide an efficient cost-effective service. We are often required to produce management accounts and group reporting packs to very tight timetables and have an enviable track-record for doing so. ​ We also provide accounting services to investment clients. Our software can receive data and transactions directly from custodians and also allows us to monitor investment managers in terms of guidelines, benchmarks and performance. We do not have a standard reporting package which we expect our clients to adopt. Instead, we tailor our financial reporting to the particular needs of each client so that the directors and frontline management team receive the information they need and are in the position to make very informed decisions about tactical and strategic matters. ​ As well as accounting services, we provide payroll, IT and many of the other finance functions and other administration services which companies and businesses require. ​ Our expert knowledge and experience in this field allows us to offer a flexible, fast and reliable outsourcing service to our clients. Singapore United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Funds | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    FUNDS Many leading investment houses outsource their back office fund administration in order to be able to focus on their core competencies, and this is an area in which we have built up significant expertise, particularly in our Cayman, Jersey and Singapore offices. Directors have ultimate responsibility for overseeing all aspects of a fund’s operation – including those functions delegated to the investment manager and other service providers. Directors must have extensive industry experience and appropriate professional qualifications. In addition to providing individuals as directors, we can also provide corporate directors to serve as trustees, thereby ensuring that we can service the full complement of investment fund structures, including corporations, partnerships and unit trusts. We can provide related services throughout the lifecycle of a fund, including fund formation and launch services, AML Officer services, trustee services (where a fund is constituted as a unit trust), registered office services, company secretarial services, fund administration services, bookkeeping and financial and investor reporting. ​ We have the skills and experience to offer a full range of fund administration and share registrar services across a wide spectrum of fund structures and asset classes. ​ TAX British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Jersey Singapore United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Contact | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    CONTACT US Australia Rawlinson & Hunter Level 6 77 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia ​ +61 (0)2 9930 7700 British Virgin Islands Rawlinson & Hunter and Rawlinson & Hunter Limited and R&H Trust Co. (BVI) Ltd and R&H Restructuring (BVI) Ltd Woodbourne Hall James Frett Building PO Box 3162 Road Town Tortola VG1110 British Virgin Islands ​ +1 (284) 393 5400 Guernsey Rawlinson & Hunter Limited and R&H Trust Co. (Guernsey) Limited Trafalgar Court 3rd Floor, West Wing St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2JA Channel Islands ​ +44 (0)1481 711166 New Zealand R&H Trust Co. (NZ) Limited 166 Wicksteed Street PO Box 4386 Whanganui 4541 New Zealand ​ +64 (0)6 345 1166 Switzerland Rawlinson & Hunter (Switzerland) AG R&H Trust Co. (Switzerland) AG Bellevueplatz 5 8001 Zurich Switzerland ​ +41 (0)44 227 6700 Bermuda Rawlinson & Hunter, R&H Trust Co. (Bermuda) Limited and R&H Services Limited 3rd Floor 5 Reid Street Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda ​ +1 (441) 242 3100 Cayman Islands Rawlinson & Hunter, The R&H Trust Co. Ltd, The Harbour Trust Co. Ltd, R&H Restructuring (Cayman) Ltd. and R&H Private Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd 2nd Floor, Windward 1 Regatta Office Park PO Box 897 Grand Cayman KY1-1103 Cayman Islands ​ +1 (345) 949 7576 Jersey Rawlinson & Hunter and R&H Trust Co (Jersey) Limited and R&H Fund Services (Jersey) Limited PO Box 83, Ordnance House 31 Pier Road St Helier Jersey JE4 8PW Channel Islands ​ +44 (0)1534 825200 Singapore Rawlinson & Hunter (Singapore) Pte Ltd and R&H Trust Co. (Singapore) Pte Ltd 09-01, 63 Market Street Bank of Singapore Centre 048942 Singapore ​ +65 6908 8870 United Kingdom Rawlinson & Hunter LLP​ Eighth Floor 6 New Street Square New Fetter Lane London EC4A 3AQ United Kingdom Q3, The Square Randalls Way Leatherhead Surrey KT22 7TW United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7842 2000 Tax

  • Corporate | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    CORPORATE Although Rawlinson & Hunter is probably best known in the profession for its award-winning services to private clients, it provides a complete range of accountancy, administration and advisory services to companies and businesses in all stages of development, from the smaller entrepreneurial business to asset holding companies to the large international corporation. As with all our services, the Partners lead the work supported by our highly qualified staff. We work with corporate and entrepreneurial clients of all sizes and complexity. We consider that our approach is different in starting from the premise that our advice needs to address stakeholder concerns which are much wider than those which are obvious from the confinements of the corporate box. This holistic thinking along with the expertise and experience which we have to offer is what we believe our clients value. The range of corporate services which we offer is broad. In addition to the standard services such as audit and assurance, company secretarial support, management accounting, tax and payroll, we also provide a suite of advisory services. Our corporate Partners have wide experience of operating in other environments, whether in Big 4 Firms or in industry, and bring a wealth of expertise to the table. We often advise on corporate finance and other corporate transactions such as sales and acquisitions, and can advise comprehensively on the tax issues affecting entrepreneurial clients and their businesses. We can provide outsourced financial support and, where the project requires it, litigation support and forensic accounting services. Our range of services to entrepreneurial clients is very wide and our role in each case is driven by our clients’ needs. Our International Firms are highly experienced in the formation and administration of offshore corporate structures, ranging from sophisticated captive insurance and fund management companies to simple asset-owning vehicles. Full administration services are provided in the offshore centres by our Partners and staff. Australia Jersey Bermuda New Zealand British Virgin Islands Singapore Cayman Islands Switzerland Guernsey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Wealth Reporting | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    WEALTH REPORTING As investment products become more diverse, keeping track of the financially successful family’s assets and their value is becoming increasingly difficult. This can make monitoring the family’s wealth, at best, more time consuming and, at worst, almost impossible for the family administrator or trustee. We have developed systems which provide individuals and families with bespoke investment reports which consolidate their entire net worth. The asset and performance analyses within our reports are tailored to the individual family’s needs in a way that we believe is unique in the marketplace. By creating a central investment record, we can produce a variety of reports including investment value, investment performance, portfolio risk profile, income and expenditure and management accounts. Our systems enable us to present the family or its advisers with comprehensive and timely reports. The beauty of the service is the flexibility of the reporting. It can consolidate assets in any way that our clients may think about them, whether broken down by family member, entity/trust, investment provider, geographical location or asset class – the options are endless. Reports can be devised so as to look through entities to see underlying assets and split them across asset classes, by currencies or by other criteria. The system can also accommodate income and expenditure reporting, so that family members can track income and expenditure over reporting periods and monitor cash flow against historic levels or against forecasts. The capabilities of the reporting system are extensive and bespoke, so that clients can cherry pick the reports which are useful to them. We consider that our independence from the investment process means that we can concentrate on our client’s needs and monitor objectively any investment adviser’s performance. ​ TAX Guernsey Jersey Singapore United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Our Services | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    OUR SERVICES In this section of our website, you can read about some of the services which are provided by our International Firms. Many of our clients call upon our expertise across a number of service areas. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we aspire to deliver our work to a consistently high standard both in terms of the quality of our advice and in overall client experience. What do we mean by this? Fundamentally, we seek to ensure that there are certain hallmarks which will always be present in our approach to service delivery, whichever Rawlinson & Hunter office is assisting you. Our objective is to provide a service which is consistently above and beyond normal professional standards. The Partners at Rawlinson & Hunter are all well-known specialists in their respective fields, and the majority of their time is spent actively engaged in leading the work for their clients. In many firms, the partner role becomes that of winning new business, delegating it to the ‘doers’ and playing a high level relationship management role. Here, the Partners roll their sleeves up and actively lead the work, applying their expertise to the client’s situation. Our culture is to give clear advice and direction, rather than fence-sitting. This approach runs through Rawlinson & Hunter’s global DNA. Whatever your requirements and whichever office you are using, you can expect to be dealt with by Partners who are expert in their individual areas of practice. The Partners will always be supported by a strong team of professionals who take pride in what they do, and are similarly motivated to provide a top level service. We are well placed to recruit the best people in the market place and we put great emphasis on providing the best training available, and placing the latest technology at their disposal. Amongst our core principles is a commitment to our clients, which is to ensure that we put exceptional hands-on client service at the heart of all that we do, and to ensure that we always go the extra mile for our clients. We aim at every stage to support our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit. When considering the various services described on this website, you should take it as read that they will be delivered with the above principles to the fore. Accountancy Funds Trusts Audit & Assurance Outsourcing Wealth Reporting Charities Private Clients Corporate Tax Advice Estates Tax Compliance Find out more about our services

  • Tax Compliance | Rawlinson & Hunter | International

    TAX COMPLIANCE It is absolutely essential, now more so than ever, that individuals and companies with complex tax affairs file accurate annual tax returns with their tax authorities. The cost of getting it wrong has never been higher. Many of our clients have complicated tax-reporting needs. Some of them have significant and diverse investment and business assets, sometimes held through foreign investment structures which are not set up for investor tax reporting. Other clients have complex remuneration reporting involving options, vesting share arrangements and restricted stock units where there might be international considerations. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs with businesses which also bring intricate tax filing challenges. Just as tax reporting has become more demanding, there has been a much closer concentration of effort by tax authorities on the tax affairs of wealthy tax payers and their companies. Their investigative capabilities have been greatly enhanced by the volume of information provided to them by both institutions locally and by other countries under automatic exchange of information agreements. At the same time, the tax law has been tightened so that some tax authorities (including the UK) have a greater length of time to investigate foreign aspects of a taxpayer’s affairs and impose significantly greater penalties for reporting failures. Thoroughness and a rigorous approach are therefore paramount in the preparation of our clients’ tax returns. We generally operate a ‘triple-lock’ approach whereby the tax return is prepared by a professionally qualified junior, reviewed carefully by a manager and is then subjected to a final high level review by the Partner. In that way, we seek to reduce the risk of inaccuracies and omissions. Australia Jersey United Kingdom Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

  • Toby Crooks

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Toby Crooks United Kingdom Partner +44 (0)20 7842 2000 Toby specialises in the field of Private Client Tax, as part of the Trust & Wealth Services department. He enjoys working closely with clients, legal advisers and Family Offices to understand their particular requirements and has a wide breadth of experience, having advised both UK and non- domiciled clients. Toby joined Rawlinson & Hunter in 2004, working initially in the Private Client department before transferring to the Firm's Cayman Islands office for several years . He returned to the UK in 2010 and became a partner in April 2014. Toby is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). He is the holder of an Advanced Diploma in International Trust Management and is a member of PAIAM (Professional Advisers in the Art Market.) He was previously the representative for the City of London on the Worldwide Council of STEP and is a member of the Public Policy Committee.

  • John-Paul Meagher

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters John-Paul Meagher Jersey Partner +44 (0)1534 825200 JP joined R&H in 2011 having previously worked in audit at KPMG. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 2010 and has 10 years of experience in the finance sector. JP’s client base includes a significant number of funds specialising in alternative investment strategies. In 2015 JP was appointed a Director of the fund business and became a partner in 2021. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

  • Jill Carpenter

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Jill Carpenter Singapore Partner +65 6908 8807 Jill Carpenter is a partner with Rawlinson & Hunter Singapore. After spending several years at a large multi-national professional services firm as the Head of Private Clients in Singapore, Jill knows what truly drives the Private Client business is ensuring excellent customer service and keeping up to date on planning trends whilst maintaining a firm commitment to regulatory and legislative commitments worldwide. Jill has extensive experience in many jurisdictions including Canada and Bermuda and has now lived in Singapore for nearly seven years. She has developed a network of industry professionals with whom she partners regularly and is an active member of both the Singapore Trustees Association and the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners. In addition to her extensive experience in trust and estate administration and wealth planning, Jill is also interested in coaching and is pursuing her plan to become a trained business coach. Jill holds a Management degree from the University of Lethbridge (Canada) as well as TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner) and MTI (Member Trust Institute) designations.

  • Ryan Jones

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Ryan Jones Bermuda Partner +1(441) 242 1352 Ryan has been with the Firm for over 8 years, and currently leads the trust, corporate and accounting teams. He has been key to the growth of the Firm particularly in the past few years, where he has been involved in expanding R&H's traditional client base to regions such as Latin America and Asia. Ryan has significant experience in accounting, trust and corporate services and is committed to offering quality client service. He assists his international client base with the establishment of Bermuda trusts and companies, supporting their ongoing accounting, administration and regulatory requirements. Internally, he oversees the continued development in systems and cybersecurity, and improving efficiency. Ryan is active in Bermuda's private client industry and is on the committee of the Bermuda Association of Licensed Trustees. Ryan has been integral to R&H Bermuda's growth, and has an exceptional understanding of the international private client industry.

  • Alan Milgate

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Alan Milgate Cayman Islands Senior Partner +1 (345) 814 2315 Alan is Senior Partner of the Cayman Islands firm and has responsibility for the oversight of all of the firm’s trust, corporate administration and accounting services. He specialises in private client services including international trust structures, private trust companies and purpose trusts, estate planning and wealth management. He is also the Chairman of The R&H Trust Co. Ltd. and The Harbour Trust Co. Ltd., duly licensed Cayman Islands trust companies owned by Rawlinson & Hunter in the Cayman Islands. He advises on the establishment and ongoing administration of Cayman Islands trusts and companies including acting as a director of a number of private trust companies, other regulated entities and other client companies. Alan has over 25 years of international experience in the financial services industry and joined the Cayman practice in December 1997. Prior to moving to Cayman, his career included experience with the taxation practice of Deloitte in Canada and audit and assurance services in Canada, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (Canada), Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder. He is a member of the STEP Global Council and the worldwide Board of STEP, a member of the Board of Cayman Finance, past Chairman of the Cayman Branch of STEP and is a past Chairman of the Cayman Chapter of AIMA.

  • Hayden Belton

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Hayden Belton New Zealand Partner +64 (0)6 345 1166 Hayden is a Chartered Accountant specialising in trusts as well as all aspects of taxation and business advisory services for both overseas and resident clients. Hayden joined the New Zealand office of Rawlinson & Hunter in 2010 and became a director in 2012. He is also a partner in a local accounting practice. Hayden has held accounting roles in financial services and insurance industries in both London and New Zealand. Hayden completed his tertiary education at Massey University, Palmerston North is a Chartered Accountant, CPA (Australia) and a member of STEP.

  • Kathryn Tully

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Kathryn Tully Jersey Partner +44 (0)1534 825200 Kathryn joined R&H, Jersey as a Partner in 2009 having previously worked as a Trust Director at RBC Trust Company (International) Limited. She trained with Ernst & Young Trust Company (Jersey) Limited and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2000. Kathryn specialises in trust and company administration and international tax planning, managing the affairs of many high net worth individuals and the administration of corporate structures. Kathryn is a Fellow of the ACCA and a member of STEP.

  • Chris Allen

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Chris Allen Australia Partner +61 2 9930 7700 Chris has extensive experience in the profession, advising the SME sector on all aspects of taxation, accounting and business management, as well as conducting audits of large enterprises and foreign-controlled Australian companies under the Corporations Act. He has undertaken valuations of SMEs for both family law and business sale purposes, as well as leading due diligence engagements for clients looking to acquire businesses. In both the audit and advisory areas, Chris has particular expertise across builders and developers, agribusiness, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, aged care and health care service providers. Prior to joining Boroughs in 2014, Chris spent 27 years with BDO and its predecessor firm PKF where he served on the firm’s executive in his capacity as Partner in Charge of the Private Client service line, as well as the firm’s National Head of Private Clients. He is a registered company auditor, an approved SMSF auditor, a Registered Tax Agent and a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand. He also holds a diploma in Financial Planning.

  • David Goar

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters David Goar Jersey Senior Partner +44 (0)1534 825200 David specialises in providing trust services to high net worth individuals, with a particular expertise in dealing with trusts having UK and/or Jersey resident beneficiaries. David has a good understanding of compliance and reporting for US beneficiaries of foreign trusts. David qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Rawlinson & Hunter, London in 1986 and was seconded in 1988 to open an office in the BVI, a joint venture between R&H and the Guyerzeller Bank AG (now part of HSBC). He was made partner of the BVI office in 1992. In 1997 David joined Rawlinson & Hunter, Jersey as a partner. David was educated at Eton College, is an Associate member of the ICAEW and is a member of STEP.

  • Kulwarn Nagra

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v Reset Filters Kulwarn Nagra United Kingdom Partner +44 (0)20 7842 2000 Kulwarn is a corporate services partner in the Rawlinson & Hunter London office. He has extensive corporate experience acting for a diverse range of clients, from SMEs to large multinationals and has also advised companies on a number of areas including IPOs, acquisition & disposal related transactions and due diligence reviews. After university he qualified as a chartered accountant in 1988 with Price Waterhouse, becoming a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998. Kulwarn is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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