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‘Accountancy’ covers a whole suite of services which are provided by the International Firms. At the basic level, all of the offices provide bookkeeping and management accounts services to support clients’ businesses, family trusts and family offices. But beyond this essential service, there is much more that we can do for our clients.


For individuals, corporates and trusts, we can offer specialist valuation services. These might be fair valuations of businesses or shares in unlisted companies, or valuations which have to be agreed with the tax authorities on the occurrence of a transaction. Whilst there are several recognised valuation methodologies for businesses in different sectors, the correct approach is likely also to be influenced by the size of the shareholding or business interest and the sector of operation. Valuing a business is not a precise science and it is necessary to consider each situation with an open mind in order to identify the relevant factors. Whatever the reason for the valuation, we recognise that the process can be a sensitive issue. We bring a commercial and cost-effective approach to these assignments, quickly considering our clients’ key issues and the appropriate valuation methodologies to apply in order to arrive at an independent valuation. Where the valuation is driven by tax, we will stand behind our conclusions and negotiate hard with the tax authority in our clients’ interests.


Another area which we might get involved in is forensic accounting. The purpose might be to support a client in a tax enquiry, or to support a litigation case (we have acted as appointed experts in relation to matrimonial, tax and trust litigation). Or it might simply be that a client or family office wishes to ensure that proper records are maintained.


Whatever the client’s requirement for accountancy services, this is an area of expertise for us and it is likely that the need can be met by all of the Rawlinson & Hunter International Firms.

Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

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