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Although Rawlinson & Hunter is probably best known in the profession for its award-winning services to private clients, it provides a complete range of accountancy, administration and advisory services to companies and businesses in all stages of development, from the smaller entrepreneurial business to asset holding companies to the large international corporation. As with all our services, the Partners lead the work supported by our highly qualified staff.


We work with corporate and entrepreneurial clients of all sizes and complexity. We consider that our approach is different in starting from the premise that our advice needs to address stakeholder concerns which are much wider than those which are obvious from the confinements of the corporate box. This holistic thinking along with the expertise and experience which we have to offer is what we believe our clients value.


The range of corporate services which we offer is broad. In addition to the standard services such as audit and assurance, company secretarial support, management accounting, tax and payroll, we also provide a suite of advisory services. Our corporate Partners have wide experience of operating in other environments, whether in Big 4 Firms or in industry, and bring a wealth of expertise to the table. We often advise on corporate finance and other corporate transactions such as sales and acquisitions, and can advise comprehensively on the tax  issues affecting entrepreneurial clients and their businesses. We can provide outsourced financial support and, where the project requires it, litigation support and forensic accounting services. Our range of services to entrepreneurial clients is very wide and our role in each case is driven by our clients’ needs.


Our International Firms are highly experienced in the formation and administration of offshore corporate structures, ranging from sophisticated captive insurance and fund management companies to simple asset-owning vehicles. Full administration services are provided in the offshore centres by our Partners and staff.

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