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All of the International Firms in Rawlinson & Hunter specialise in looking after the affairs of high net worth individuals and their families. Our offices probably contain a greater concentration of international private client expertise than any other firm, anywhere in the world. Our reputation as experts in this field has brought us family and corporate clients in every continent, almost entirely by personal recommendation. Many of our offices provide tax compliance services in their local jurisdictions, as well as providing sensible and bespoke tax advice on a range of issues. A lot of our clients have complex tax and regulatory reporting requirements and we support them at every stage.


We have developed and expanded our suite of services to support our private clients and their families throughout their lives, as well as administering their wealth holding structures. In so doing, we pride ourselves on delivering a genuine partner-led service. Our partners are all specialists who lead the advice to our clients, supported by staff who are amongst the best in the profession. We aim to give clear and direct advice without ‘fence-sitting’.


We are used to operating as part of a team of professionals and regularly collaborate with lawyers (in a range of disciplines and jurisdictions), investment managers, bankers and other advisers in a collegiate way in supporting our clients. Through this process, we have over time built up an extensive informal network of contacts, and where our clients require specialist support beyond our areas of operation, we usually have just the right person to refer them to.

We all understand here that we are never any better than our last piece of advice, and maintaining our standards is vital in maintaining our reputation.

Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

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