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Many of our clients are engaged in supporting charitable causes both in the UK and overseas. This activity nearly always involves generous financial support, where guidance on tax-effective giving is required. Some clients seek greater involvement, establishing their own charity or donor-advised fund and playing an active role in determining the causes and charities which derive benefit from the fund.


Charitable giving always requires careful planning, wherever the donor lives. Many jurisdictions offer tax reliefs for donations to charities, and it is important that the reliefs available are utilised. Giving money to charity can be a complicated and expensive process requiring great care as to timing, amount and method of donation.


For those wishing to establish their own charity, we have teams experienced in providing accounting and reporting services which are used to liaising with the charity regulatory authorities in their jurisdiction. On the practical front, the teams get involved in all aspects of administration of a charity. For instance, in addition to getting involved in budget and cash flow forecasting and ongoing monitoring of cash positions, we often operate bank accounts, raise cheques, deal with payment requests and provide a correspondence address so that we can deal with unsolicited applications for funding. We maintain accounting records, produce management accounts and undertake performance reviews. We also diarise and coordinate grant commitments, ensuring that they are approved and paid on a timely basis. We get involved with trustee meetings, preparing agendas, putting together meeting packs, attending meetings and preparing minutes.


In the UK, we also have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of regulatory audit and independent examination requirements of charities and can deliver a wide range of related services to those involved in charitable giving both in the UK and around the world. Our expertise derived from servicing this wide range of clients has enabled us to build multi-skilled teams, the members of which understand the issues that matter to you.

Please contact the relevant office below to find out more about this service in this jurisdiction

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